We all know Taiwan’s Fresh!
Pick up the precious fruits to deliver consumers’ hands.
Sales Taiwan’s precious fruit overseas
Let many people know how good Taiwan’s fruits are.
Link Taiwan’s sales channel from importing products
import various foreign agricultural products to satisfy consumers’ needs.
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Our Story

" We all know Taiwan’s Fresh!"

Since Fu-Cheng was established, we deeply realize that this is not just a simple sales behavior; it is the process from the start of planting by farmers to delivery to consumers. Through continuous on-site visits to the countryside, the entire process of direct sales from the origin is truly presented in front of you. To eat the safe and naturally good taste of your mouth.

Import & Export

Taiwan is the kingdom of fruit country, and we take care of every fruit produced in Taiwan as a baby. No matter the fruits, vegetables, and agricultural products exported by Fu-Cheng, we always call “Taiwan Fruit Treasure”. At the same time, Fu-Cheng also imports vegetables, fruits, and agricultural products from various countries to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Distribution importing products

Fu-Cheng’s management team has worked hard in the agricultural industry since my father’s generation. Also has production and package working place in Thailand.


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